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2021: Mostert, Martin - Farmers’ Ecological Motivations: Implications for Forestation in South Nation River Watershed and Ontario’s Mixedwood Plains Ecozone

2018: Celinsky, Andrzej - Planning for Homelessness and Addiction: The Case of Toronto with Lessons from Europe

2017: Sabo, Nicolas - Turning the Soil: Urban Redevelopment and Soil Movement in Toronto. Environmental scientist, EXP.

2017: Shenoy, Seema - Thinking with Thrushes: Exploring Knowledge Making Practices in Migratory Songbird Conservation. Grant writer. Toronto Wildlife Centre.

2016: Taylor, Anthony - Climate Change Mitigation in the Built Environment with Cross Laminated Timber

2016: Plummer, Natalya - The Clarington Transformer Station: An Environmental Justice Analysis. Analyst. Ontario Energy Board.

2015: Cioffi, Giovanna - The Terror Risk to Current Water Infrastructure. PhD Student. Communication and Culture. York University.

2014: Wang, Jennifer - Beyond the Pipes: Planning for Sustainable Stormwater Management in Toronto

2014: Joudrey, Jennifer - Heritage Conservation in the Muskoka Region, Ontario, Canada. Master's Student, Department of History,  McMaster University.

2014: Kenny, Michael - Communities of Resistance: The Success and Resilience of Intentional Communities in North America. Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Education, York University.

2014: Luqman, Aneesah - Transportation Justice in Suburbia: A Case of Downtown Planning Initiatives. Project Planner. Regional Municipality of Durham.

2012: Schaffner, Stephanie - Transportation Planning and Justice in the Toronto Region.

2012: Pitter, Jay - Delve: Subjected Narratives for Investigating Gendered Violence in Schools and Enhancing Safety Audits. Principal. Jay Pitter Placemaking.

2011: Wallace, Lisa - Environmental Justice and the Politics of Aggregate Site Rehabilitation in Southern Ontario. Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.

2011: Vesic, Jelena - The Political Ecology of Wildlife Management: The Case of the White-Tailed Deer in Southern Ontario. Ph.D. Student, Department of Political Science, York University.

2011: Onesi, Tiffany - The Politics of Conservation Planning: The Case of a Proposed Quarry Expansion by Nelson Aggregate at Mount Nemo, Ontario.Environmental Planning Assistant, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.

2010: MacDonald, Julianna - Contested Development on the Oak Ridges Moraine: A Case Study of the Mademont Proposed Residential Development. Planning Ecologist, Beacon Environmental, Markham.

2009: Papa, Anna Rita - The Politics of Waste: The Case of the Keele Valley Landfill.

2009: Binstock, Matt - Backyard for Whom? Rural Gentrification versus Nature Conservation on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Policy researcher, Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, Toronto

2006: Vernon, Caitlyn - New Relationship, Old Relations? Justice, Sustainability, and Shared Decision-Making in British Columbia. Coastal Programs Campaigner, Sierra Club British Columbia, Victoria

2006: Young, James - Producing Landscapes: Political Ecology and Aggregate Resources in southern Ontario. Policy Analyst, Environment Canada/Americas Branch

2006: Robitaille, Monique - Native Canadian Relations and Community Development in Antigonish: The Role of Cooperation and Pedagogy in the Meeting of Two Solitudes. Career Development Officer, Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture, and Employment.

2005: Lee, Clarine - The Lawn Love Affair: Contesting Lawn Management and Politicizing Green Spaces. Senior Researcher – Environment The Innovolve Group Inc.

2005: Macaraig, J. Marvin - Science, Politics and Water: The Case of the ‘Big Pipe’ at Robinson Creek, Ontario, Canada. PhD graduate, Geography, University of  Toronto

2004: Patano, Sandra - Preserving the Exurban Natural Landscape? Politics, Discourse and the Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario, Canada. Senior Planner, Weston Consulting

2004: Webster, Karen - Evolution or Devolution: An Historical Analysis of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment and its Impact on Environmental Protection and Policy in Canada. Research Coordinator, Thrive, Vancouver

2004: Woods, Victor - The Vernon Log Yard, British Columbia, 1993-2002: Lessons for Ecological and Community Sustainability.

2003: Lynch, Scott - Farming at the Edge: Does the Niagara Escarpment Plan Support Ecologically and Culturally Sustainable Agriculture? Policy Analyst, NovaScotia Department of Agriculture

2003: Neidermair, Stephen - Melting Ice Caps and Vanishing Polar Bears: Representing the Canadian North in Climate Change Discourse. Organic Lawn Care Technician, Nutri Lawn

2003: Lue, Tracey - Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge Working Together: Environmental Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation in Southern Chile* (recommended for Thesis Prize). United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat

2002: Lavoie, Patrick - Situating Forestry: Discourse Analysis, Public Consultations, and Forest Regime Reform in Quebec, 1998-2001. Research Scientist, Forest Products Marketing, WoodYouThink, Quebec City.

2002: Rashid, Asaf - Compromising the Environment?: The Spruce Budworm, Aerial Insecticide Spraying, and the Pulp and Paper Industry in New Brunswick.Campaign  Coordinator, Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group, Halifax

2002: Sivasubramanian, S. - The Work and Reflections of an Environmental Activist. Environmental Education Coordinator, Friends of the Rouge Watershed.

2001: Westman, Clint - Public Policy Issues in the Management of Indian Reserve Forest Resources. Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan

2001: Houde, Nicolas - Interest Coalitions and Public Policy: Revising the Quebec Forest Regime, 1997-2001. Professeur régulier, Département de science politique, Université du Québec à Montréal

2001: Carvalho, Susana - Wildlife Conservation in Canada’s National Parks.

2000: Baldwin, Andrew - Postfordism and Ecological Modernization: The Case of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry. Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Manchester

2000: Milloy, Michael - Integrated Approaches to Resource Management: A Case Study of Algonquin Park. Research Economist, Gardner Pinfold, Halifax

2000: Mirza, Rosemary - A Biological Conservation Assessment of the Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project, New Zealand.

2000: Taylor, Portia - Making Certification More Participatory: The Better Banana Project’s Potential for Supporting Workers’ Rights in Costa Rica. Research Officer – Research for Health Equity/Research Matters, International Development Research Centre, Ottawa

1999: Meek, Chanda - The Role of Transnational Social Movement, Organization in Boreal Forest Management: The Case of the Taiga Rescue Network. Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

1998: Adyanga, Onek - Wildlife Conservation, Land Tenure and the State in Kenya: The Case of the Maasai. Assistant Professor, Department of History, Millersville University, Pennsylvania

1997: Clogg, Jessica - Tenure Reform for Ecologically and Socially Responsible Forest Use in British Columbia. Staff Counsel, West Coast Environmental Law

1997: Lusk-Harvey, Sheryl - Moving Towards Precaution in the Management of Canada's  Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Fishery* (recommended for Thesis Prize).Program Officer, Environment Canada

1996: Tyssen, Richard - Ecosystems Management: Is it the Answer to Environmental Crisis? Retired, former Manager, Policy and Program Development, Co-operative Housing Association of Ontario

1995: Egan, Brian - Development, Poverty and the Environment: The Political Ecology of  Deforestation and Conservation in Peten, Guatemala (awarded Faculty of Graduate Studies Thesis Prize)*. Adjunct Professor and Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University

1995: MacIsaac, David - The Next Nova Scotian Forest Economy: The Sustainable  Community Development Alternative to Industrial Forestry. Senior Advisor, Urban Transportation Programs Environmental Initiatives, Transport Canada

1994: Levy, Marcelo - The Policies and Politics of Forestry in Ontario. Forest and Environmental Policy Consultant, Toronto